Style Spotlight: Louise from Louise Thomas Skin Care

Welcome to this week’s Style Spotlight where we love to focus on the fashion, skincare and beauty choices of one lovely lady working or living in the industry.

This week, I’m thrilled to welcome Louise Thomas from Louise Thomas Skincare to tell us a little bit more about her business, beauty tips (I’m looking forward to this bit!) and what she loves about fashion today.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

My passion for the beauty industry began at a very early age. Intrigued by the glamorous adverts in Vogue magazine I landed myself a job in a beauty salon aged 16 as their Saturday girl. I quickly progressed from scrubbing the shower and cleaning product shelves to enrolling in a full time course straight from School.

Brushing the initial despair aside, I was inspired by my own personal journey with acne both as a teenager and a young adult. As a result, I was always keenly interested in ingredient technology and felt that a more innovative approach was needed for successfully nurturing skin back to health.

So, after a decade of research I developed my signature 3D approach to skin health, incorporating a scientific, nutritional and holistic philosophy designed to nurture my skin back to health.

This innovative approach was so successful on my own skin that it seemed a natural progression to set up my own skin health business, so I founded U & Your Skin in my home City of Norwich, going from house to house as a mobile skin therapist until the Skin Lounge was born 13 years ago! I have also been treating clients In London’s Kensington now for the last 7 years from a wellness centre.

I have continued to develop my exclusive range of signature facials, all of which incorporate my 3D skin care philosophy and I use only products which I have hand-picked for the best in ingredient technology.

I’m now super excited to be, after 15 years of research, launching my own signature skincare range next Spring! Louise Thomas Skin Care

2. What have you learned about fashion over the years and how does it shape the way you shop for clothes now?

It took me until my mid 30’s to realise what my style was. I didn’t ever think I fell into a category but I now understand that I’m fairly classic with an urban, masculine edge. I feel the most comfortable in a great pair of pumps or trainers, a slightly tailored trouser & a basic T or sweatshirt. I do love a dress though but would probably dress it with a masculine jacket & some plain heeled pumps.

3. Can you tell us some of your favourite fashion brands and why you like them?

I like Zara I think they bring the catwalk to the high St really well & are affordable. I’m not very good at investing in clothing but I do love some of Victoria Beckham’s designs. I also like Cos & good ole M & S for some tailored pieces.

4. What’s your most favourite piece in your wardrobe right now?

Probably my leopard print midi skirt. It’s so easy to wear even if I do find it a bit depressing that I wore them about 22 years ago!

5. How do you take care of your skin and what are some of your favourite products?

Well as a skin therapist this is obviously a big part of my life! I always always cleanse, double at night, then I’ll cherry pick from a range of serums containing Vit C, Retinol & Hyaluronic Acid. I’m using my (Louise Thomas skin care) Healthy Ageing serum a lot at the moment. Then I’ll apply an eye product I love the Priori decoded eye serum & follow with either the Medik8 C Tetra cream or my own Louise Thomas skin care The Hydrator.

Exfoliation, masks, peels & LED light therapy are all regularly used. Perks of the job 😊

6. What are you lusting over right now in either fashion or beauty?

Oooo I do love a coat so have my eye on a Shearling but maybe not the Acne version that I’ve seen…Zara anyone?

7. Finally, what’s your favourite way to unwind?

I like to be on the receiving end of treatments but also seek solace in daily meditation & heading out for breakfast with my husband & little girl.


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