Natural Organic Skincare from Casa Mencarelli

Are you drawn in by packaging on skincare products? If so, then you’re instantly going to love these pieces from Casa Mencarelli – how pretty do they look?

I’ve been testing them out after they were sent over to me a little while ago so thought I’d share my experiences and give you an insight into more natural skincare products.

Casa Mencarelli is the brainchild of Lucia, a brand developed from a personal experience and drive to create something beautiful, natural and organic.

During the last few years founder, Lucia, developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. She had to completely change her lifestyle and reduce her exposure to toxic chemicals in order to heal her illness.

As Lucia could no longer use traditional chemical cosmetics she started developing her own skincare at home using fresh, food-grade organic ingredients. Casa Mencarelli was born.

Lucia says,

The naturally rich ingredients used in Casa Mencarelli’s products nourish your complexion inside and out, cell by cell. Within a few weeks you will glow like the Italian sunshine!

All of the ingredients in Lucia’s skincare products derive from her home in Italy so she’s pulled together the finest organic elements into her brand.

Ingredients such as Olive Oil, Orange Flower Water, Tomato Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Honey, Almond Oil, Eco Marine Algae Extract and Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil.

You can find out more about the properties of each of her ingredients and how they help the skin and body HERE.

Product Range:

I’ve trying these products out for a few weeks so thought I’d share my feelings on them and give you an idea of how natural skincare feels.

Night Cream and Cleanser:

Like most of Lucia’s products this cream and cleanser has very little fragrance. In fact, it smells quite earthy and waxy, nothing like we’re used to from chemical style, over fragranced skincare.

I’ve used this one mainly as a cleanser at the end of the day and at first wasn’t sure it was cleaning my skin that well, but after using it several times I realised it was literally melting away the makeup and dirt from my face.

It leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft as well as clean; definitely no tightness at all, and is a great base from which to use the rest of the products.

Honey and Orange Toner:

Orange Blossom Water toner contains a natural alpha hydroxyl acid that gently cleanses and exfoliates, tightens and tones your skin while minimizing pores.

I’ve definitely found this to be the case. I normally use a glycolic acid toner which exfoliates my skin well and thought this more natural product wouldn’t do the job half as well.

I’ll be honest and found that this keeps my skin toned and exfoliated but in a gentler way. 

Sea Buckthorn Serum:

The serum is a gorgeous product and where other chemical based serums can leave your skin feeling tight, Sea Buckthorn serum is the complete opposite.

The serum is rich in anti-oxidants like Beta Carotene, vitamins E and essential fatty acids Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, to help repair and regenerate damaged skin. 

It’s rich and hydrating enough to use without a moisturiser, but I’ve always layered one on the top. I found you just need to be careful of not using too much. You only need a small amount – and the beautiful orange base gives your skin a warm glow too.

Sea Buckthorn Balm:

This Balm is ideal for dry, mature and sensitive skin. Packed with anti-oxidants like Beta Carotene and Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids, it repairs and regenerates damaged tissue, making it a superb choice for your beauty routine.

I’ll admit I wasn’t sure how to use this to begin with but persevered and found it a wonderful moisturiser on top of the serum. It’s also gorgeous on my hands and nails and I’ve noticed a massive improvement in the hydration of my nails this winter since rubbing any excess over my hands.

Apparently, it is particularly good during cold weather for protecting the skin from low temperatures and wind, but also great in the summer as it reduces water loss.

Green Clay and Lemon Mask and Scrub:

Sicilia – this mask is made with pure Sicilian Green Clay and Lemon peel powder. The best way to use the mask is to add 1 or 2 teaspoons of the powder to water or the Honey and Orange Toner to make a paste.

I’ve added it to water using the spoon that comes in the box, and then applied with the Vegan Foundation Brush.

After leaving it on my skin for 10 minutes I rinsed with warm water and used the toner to finish the routine. 

It left my skin feeling silky smooth and well hydrated. Apparently Sicilian Green Clay is cleansing and detoxifying, it draws out impurities and toxins from the skin plus Lemon fruit powder is exfoliating and contains Vitamin C, helping to remove dull dead skin cells.


I can’t recommend these products enough. The packaging is delicious, the ethos behind the brand is passionate and they work! Furthermore, the prices seem great for a small, natural skincare brand starting at just £8 for the smaller sizes.

If you’re into supporting small business and trying natural, organic products for your skin, do give Casa Mencarelli a go.

You can find out more about Lucia and her products on the website HERE

And follow Casa Mencarelli on Instagram HERE

The products were gifted as part of this project but all comments and opinions are genuine, honest and my own. 


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