ASOS: Top Tips for Successful Shopping

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ASOS is not just for teenagers. Let’s get that clear. If you love fashion, ASOS needs to become your best friend.

An online marketplace of own line and branded clothing (and beauty), it’s a treasure trove of often undiscovered pieces that you and your wardrobe will love.

There are tricks to using it effectively though and if you don’t know how to get the best from it, you’ll give up, I guarantee it.

We’re not like teenagers. We don’t have hour upon hour to hunt relentlessly through hundreds and thousands of items. We need a system!

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So, how do you use ASOS successfully and get beautiful clothes delivered to your door the very next day?

Here’s what I’ve learned.

Top Tips for Successful ASOS Shopping

1: Download the App

Apps are so much easier to use than websites for fashion shopping. For one thing they’re faster and easier to navigate (come on Topshop why don’t you have one!) so get into the App store and download the ASOS app immediately. Set up your account and you’re ready to go.

The app shows you your recent orders, any gift vouchers you’ve accrued from using the site (yes you get rewards) and help screens which can sometimes be useful.

It’s not always obvious I feel but the ‘go-to’ button is the search icon in the bottom tray. This brings up all different categories to browse through including women’s clothing and the facility for searching specific items.

2: Sign up for Premier Delivery

ASOS Design Dress £35

So one of the main costs around online shopping is of course, the delivery fees. ASOS has a Premier Delivery rate of £9.95 – a one off payment for next day delivery for a whole year! This is invaluable particularly if you have teenage girls who love the app as much as you!

3: Build your Save List

So you’ve started browsing and are seeing some amazing things that you may like to order. BUT, they’re out of order in your size, or you’re not sure exactly what you want. Hit the HEART and add it to your Saved List.

This gives you the chance to review items before you order, come back and check later to see if they’re back in stock, or simply do a big virtual shop that fulfills all of your shopping needs until pay day.

4. Shop Items you’ll Love

I absolutely love this feature on the ASOS app. Found an item you like but it’s not quite right? Scroll down the page and look through the list under ‘You Might Also Like’. They’re obviously using some kind of visual and written search facility to find similar items at a similar price point to enable your shopping.

In fact, this is easier than hunting and trawling through the list of items in a general search result. Find one item that kind of fits your ideal and then hunt through the ‘other items you might like’ list.

Keep doing this and enter the rabbit hole of ASOS shopping!

5. Search your Favourite Brands

Warehouse Red Stripe Dress £52

Once you’ve got a few pieces you like from ASOS and have discovered a few brands you love, log on and look at their pieces on the site. They won’t have everything from their range but it does mean you’ll know the fit, understand the styles and be pleased with the quality. ASOS White and ASOS Design are good places to start.

6. Out of Stock and Returns

It’s a big site and many things are often out of stock. Don’t worry, they come back into stock all the time – in fact, whenever there’s a return. So if you’ve followed the tips and have the pieces stored in your Saved List, just go and check there (it gets automatically updated), particularly early in the mornings.

I’ve heard that lots of refunds get processed on Fridays so that’s the day to have most luck with stock, but to be honest I’ve found favourites coming back into stock at various times of the week, mostly mornings. If you’re expecting things to be in stock on a Sunday evening after a busy shopping weekend, you’ll be disappointed.

Also, if you pop it in your basket, buy it quickly. You get an hour and after that it gets released back. If there’s only one physical item in your size and other people are looking for it, it’ll get snapped up pretty quickly if you don’t make the purchase.

And that’s it. Follow those tips and you’ll enjoy ASOS so much more. Your bank balance might not be thanking you too much though.

Jen x

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