7 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Thanks to the lovely Becky from Thrifty Home for tagging me in this fun blogging community piece. I’m thrilled to take part and share a few things which you may not know about me.

#1 Birthday Year

This year sees me celebrate a special birthday and it’s one I’ve been dreading for a while.

In October I’ll be 50.

It’s take me a long time to accept that this is where I’m at but finally I’m proud that it’s happening.

I feel like I’m ready now.

I know that sounds dramatic but I was definitely having a mini mid-life crisis trying to comes to term with life moving forward.

Now I say, bring it on!

#2 The 7 Year Blogging Itch

I’ve now been blogging for over 7 years. Wow.

You may know me from Love Chic Living – an award winning, top UK family home interiors blog, but last year I’d become very jaded.

It’s VERY hard work to create new content constantly and keeping it at a very high level that readers enjoy.

And because it’s my full-time living I need to ensure it brings me an income too.

So, I spread my wings a little and created this blog, Style Brief, to allow me to talk about other passions and be more relaxed.

It worked. I feel almost reborn, and love my job all over again.

#3 Baby Signing

I’ve run a couple of different businesses and one was as a Baby Signing franchise owner.

I used to teach parents how to sign with their babies, enabling the little ones to communicate before they could speak. (Honestly, it’s amazing and both my daughters signed to tell me how they felt before they could actually talk).

It was a fabulous job! Who doesn’t like to go out and sing songs with smiling babies and happy parents?!

#4 Family Life

Alongside my blogging business I have a family of course!

My daughters are now 12 and almost 15, so we are living the teenage life for sure.

It’s like everyone says, the toddlers years are tough, but you don’t know what’s hit you when you get a teenager.

Let’s just say there’s a lot of flouncing, door slamming and sleeping in. You have been warned!

#5 IT and the Internet

I used to work in IT outsourcing (that’s where I met my husband) and in fact, was working there when the Internet really came to life.

Yes I am that old!

It’s a fact that my daughters find hilarious, but I still remember trying to get my head round whether we had to type ‘http’ or was it just ‘www’… honestly, how far things have come eh?

#6 New Hobbies

I try to learn something new each year, whether that’s a new skill or just some new knowledge.

This year I’ve been learning and sorting out the SEO on my other blog (not that exciting, right?)

But a few years ago I decided to take up a new hobby and went to an adult’s tap dancing class.

Fast forward and I’ve done 4 exams and 2 big shows!

It’s been the best fun and whilst I probably look more like a dancing elephant than Fred Astaire, I do love it.

I urge you to learn a new skill too.

#7 Live in the Moment

I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll not wish time away and I’ll enjoy the here and now.

I try to embrace each day and really notice what’s happening around me.

It’s too easy to wish your life away. It’s too common that we just want to reach the next milestone or hurdle in order to be happy.

BUT, if we’re not happy now, how will we be happy then. I really believe this.

Live in the moment, take notice and appreciate it. Be happy.

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