5 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care At Work

If you’re keen to learn about self care at work, keep reading.

Even if you love your job, the chances are you’ll still experience times when you feel the need to step back, take a few deep breaths, and re-calibrate your mindset. Whilst it might not be possible to always take off to a Wellness retreat, there are ways to help yourself. 

When those situations arise, it’s important to have a way to incorporate a little self care into your day. The practice of showing yourself a little love and kindness may not seem in line with your rules and responsibilities at your job, but it’s an important way to keep your mental health in check and navigate your day with positive spirits.

5 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care at Work

The next time you feel like you need a little break, consider these simple ways to practice self care while at work:

Put On Your Headphones

Listening to music can do wonders for your mood. If you’re allowed to listen to music as you work, keep a pair of headphones near your desk and your favorite playlist queued up on your computer for an easy escape.

And if you aren’t? Bring your mobile and those headphones into a restroom or common area and give yourself a mental break.

Snack On Something Special

Sometimes, all you need is a little more energy to shift your mood and get through your day.

A great way to practice self care at work is to keep some special snacks stashed in your desk drawer for those times you really need something to keep you going.

It may seem silly, but a square of dark chocolate or handful of almonds or cashews can do wonders for your mood and your mental state.

Write It Down

Allowing yourself to express your feelings and work through your emotions is a huge part of self care, but work isn’t always the best place to do that.

When you feel like getting something off of your chest or simply getting your problems out of your mind and into the world, a journal can be a great way to accomplish that and find a little mental relief.

Put pen to paper and get your thoughts onto the page, and you’ll be surprised to find how much more clearly you’re able to think through whatever situation you’re facing.

Find Some Movement

Physical exercise is a great mood-booster and a wonderful way to practice self care at work. 

Bring a pair of walking shoes to change into and treat yourself to a quick stroll around the building when you’re feeling stressed. Alternatively, if your office offers a private space that could serve as a yoga studio or a full gym, consider taking advantage of those as a great way to treat yourself to a little self care.

Laugh A Little!

Easy ways to practice self care at work - when you want to feel calm, less anxious and need to take care of your mental health in the workplace, these 5 simple techniques help you achieve all of that and more #selfcare #selfcareworkplace #selfcareatwork #stylebrief #wellness #mentalhealthThere’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little humour to brighten your mood and take your mind away from your stress.

Taking a moment to crack a joke with a work friend, watch a hilarious YouTube video, or visit your favourite funny website can be a wonderfully uplifting way to embrace self care at work.

Put some thought into what brings you happiness and helps you release your stress, and you’ll be amazed how effective a few moment of self care can be when sprinkled throughout your day.

How do you practice self care at work? Leave a comment and share below!

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