5 Money Saving Tips for your Next City Break

It’s now more affordable than ever to see the world if you know where to look. Travelling on a budget takes a little bit more thought, but it’s possible to save money wherever you go.

When you choose a city break, you can spend as much or as little as you need to.

If you’re on a budget, here are five money-saving tips for your next city break:

1. Do your Research Beforehand

If you’re planning to just turn up and wing it, you can expect to pay more. After booking, put aside some time to research your trip and plan what you want to do while you’re there.

Once you have an idea of the activities you plan to do, you can look around to find out whether there’s any way to save money on them.

Booking in advance is often a good idea, as 1cover’s Ben Groundwater points out in his guide to Barcelona.

Not only can this save you time, helping you skip the queues, but it’s also more affordable too.

You might also be able to get a free or reduced entry if you visit at specific times.

For example, entry to New York’s Museum of Modern Art is free on Friday nights, between 16:00 and 20:00. This saves you $25 on the standard adult admission prices.

2. Eat Street Food

If you want fine dining each night, it’s going to cost you. But many of the world’s best cities have incredible street food options so you can eat well for less.

The street food is often a way for you to experience authentic local cuisine at reduced prices.

For example, sample a Pad Thai in Bangkok, feast on crepes in Paris, and devour a slice of proper Italian pizza in Rome.

Around the world, there are some fantastic cities known for the quality of their street food.

3. Get off the Beaten Track

If you venture away from the tourist hotspots, prices will inevitably drop. Eat where the locals eat. Shop where the locals shop. And sleep in the districts where the locals sleep.

There are plenty of ways to experience a city like the locals do.

You might have a longer journey time into the city each morning, but you’ll also get to see a side of the city you’d otherwise miss if you were right in the centre.

4. Create your own DIY Walking Tour

In our opinion, the best way to sight-see is on foot. You get to take in more of the city this way, without being crammed onto public transport or onto overpriced tours.

Some cities offer free walking tours but, with a little planning, you can easily create your own DIY tour – stopping off at all the places YOU want to see along the way.

Just grab a map and mark out the points of interest, then join the dots.

Once you have your route, you can also look for affordable places to stop for food along the way.

5. Keep an Eye on Flight Prices

Flights are usually the most expensive part of any trip.

If you know where you want to go, set up Google flight alerts for your chosen destination.

This will alert you whenever there are price changes to the flights you’ve specified – helping you decide the best time to book.


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